Seychelles – The Paradise Islands

       Before visiting the Seychelles, I had heard a great deal about these alluring tropical islands. A remote island archipelago located in the Indian Ocean north east of Madagascar, the Seychelles has attracted visitors from all over the world for over 40 years – mainly due to the islands many beautiful beaches, spectacular […]

Experiencing Cape Town

You could easily mistake an aerial view of the Cape Peninsula for a panoramic view of Never-never Land. At the centre of Never-never Land is Table Mountain, standing as a timeless figurehead in all its glory, while all around it, the surrounding rocky coastline protrudes out of crystal azure seas. Take this still picture and […]

A Day in the Pilanesberg

As we headed towards the Pilanesberg National Park, I was reminded of how close it is to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Only a 2 hour drive and one leaves behind the hustle and bustle of the city and enters a wildlife haven. The main attraction of the park, apart from the wildlife of course, is the […]

The Elephants of Ruaha

Ruaha is Tanzania’s largest National Park and forms the heart of a unique and large ecosystem, with over 4 million hectares of protected areas. Ruaha is home to an extraordinary diversity of species, and it is Tanzania’s National Park with the largest population of elephants. The current global ivory poaching crisis has seen a massive […]

Captivating Uganda

Uganda is a country with incredible natural scenery and a rich variety of ethnic tribes and cultures. Travelling through Uganda, you will be captivated by its beauty, abundant and diverse wildlife, and its people. The friendliness of Ugandans, and of course a chance to see some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in their natural environment, is the reason why so many […]

Touring in the wine region

One of my highlights, as a Wine Specialist tour guide, is being able to see our wonderful country through fresh eyes every week. Our days on tour are spent in pursuit of the perfect combination of wine, views and, inevitably the gourmet delights that go along with it. The Cape Winelands are the third most […]